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21.USA//kandi raver//harm reduction activist//student// I really fucking love MLP, Metal Gear, and Warcraft//
Check the links before asking for drug advice~
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Went for help with my PTSD since it’s been getting exponentially worse.
Came out feeling at least 384830 times worse because they can’t help me.
At this point I’m ready to just say fuck it cause this happens every fucking time.

Dear Christ, Boss, at least get in a fucking love box first.

Dear Christ, Boss, at least get in a fucking love box first.

You’ve got a real problem all right, and a banjo is the only answer!

My employee discount at Cirilla’s will be 30% and I can already tell you I’m the happiest camper.

"Sexism is when people laugh at rape jokes and cringe at female anatomy."
— (via wearethefourthwave)


"After all these years in this scene, it still staggers me how little tolerance there is amongst DJ’s and fans for each genre. Techno hates everything, Europe disses EDM, Dubstep vs D&B. Well, I don’t care. I’ll tell you what I don’t like. Narrow minded assholes." - Chris Lake


So uh, we did something. And I do not regret it, one bit.


if i have a kid who smokes weed and i find it, im getting a 5ft bong and tell him to torch it and clear it. and if he cant hes grounded for having bitch lungs